Georgia football has proof of being one of the best teams since 2000

Georgia football has proof of being one of the best teams since 2000

Since 2000, there have only been three schools better than the Georgia football program.

So when those Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, and any other fanbase tries to tell Dawg fans that Georgia is overrated, Dawg Nation can politely say no. published an article highlighting the winningest teams since the turn of the century and in the last 10 years. Georgia ranked No.4 in wins since 2000 and No. 5 in the previous 10 seasons.

So opposing fans can call the Dawgs overrated or lucky all they want, the results are on paper, and it’s hard to deny facts.

Georgia football has been one of the winningest programs since the turn of the century.

Since 2000, Georgia has a 220-70 overall record and holds a 75.9% winning percentage. In the last 10 years, the Dawgs have gone 106-28, which means they’ve won 79.1% of their games.

The No.1 overall team may surprise some as Ohio State has gone 235-46 since 2000.

This top five didn’t surprise us much because any college football fan could see the same teams rising to the top every year.

On3 did a great job by including the Top-10 and the Bottom-10 for each of the time frames they looked at, which isn’t surprising to see some of the teams but does give fans an insight into the elite and the bottom of college football.

The Top 5 winningest teams since 2000:
  1. Ohio State, 235-46
  2. Oklahoma, 239-53
  3. Alabama, 229-65
  4. Georgia, 220-70
  5. USL, 213-71
The Top 5 winningest teams in the last 10 years:
  1. Alabama, 128-13
  2. Ohio State, 117-13
  3. Clemson, 121-17
  4. Oklahoma, 107-24
  5. Georgia, 106-28

For the most part, the top five in both are the same outside Clemson, making the jump into the last 10 years.

Georgia had only had one losing season since 2000 in 2010 when the Dawgs went 6-7.

Former head coach Mark Richt had 10 double-digit winning seasons, and he was the coach for 15.

Head coach Kirby Smart has already amassed four, which would have been five if 2020 wasn’t a COVID year. Regardless, these are incredibly impressive facts.

Florida isn’t on here. Auburn isn’t on there either. So Gator fans who always try to explain how their two national championships in 2006 and 2008 are so important, then why aren’t they on these two lists?

Georgia wins on the recruiting front, on the football field, and now there are records to prove it. The only teams that can say anything are those in front of the Dawgs. Oklahoma can’t because the Dawgs beat them last, Clemson is in the same boat with the Sooners, and Ohio State hasn’t gotten to face off with Georgia.

This notion that Georgia is irrelevant and got lucky in 2021 is absurd. The Dawgs elevated their program when Richt came to town and then leveled up again when Smart took over in 2016.

Georgia won a national championship by consistently winning and keeping itself relevant on the recruiting front. Other things go into winning it all, but these numbers show when recruiting is good, there is a payoff on the football field. Recruiting at an elite level is proving to be one of the secrets, and while it isn’t a secret to most, it does silence the haters.

So to anyone who thinks Georgia is irrelevant and that this is a phase — it’s been 21 years of consistent winning. That Power G isn’t a phase, it’s a college football powerhouse, and it’s past time the Dawgs earn respect as the other four teams on these lists.

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