Irish firmly leading for 5-star QB Dante Moore

Is LSU the biggest threat for Dante Moore?

LSU is trending up with five-star quarterback Dante Moore but are the Tigers the biggest threat to Notre Dame football in his recruitment?

It became clear in the past few months that Notre Dame football was the favorite in the recruitment of five-star quarterback Dante Moore.

Jim Harbaugh’s flirtation with the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings seemed to do some real damage to Michigan, along with the departure of offensive coordinator Josh Gattis to Miami.

While Dante Moore hasn’t received any crystal ball predictions yet, Notre Dame football had nearly a 90 percent chance of winning his commitment not long ago. Now, that percentage has dipped below 70 (69 percent) according to the predicting machine.

Moore visited Notre Dame football recently and while there was some buzz about a possible commitment, it didn’t happen. He has since visited Miami and LSU. He also has a scheduled visit to Oregon later this month.

And, Michigan football is still in the mix. New QBs coach Matt Weiss has been working on developing his relationship with Moore and while the two may not be as tight as Moore and Tommy Rees, Moore did call Weiss a “genius” in a recent interview.

Brian Kelly is also giving Notre Dame fans something to worry about from LSU, who is currently listed as having the second-best chance in this recruitment according to and that was before the Tigers brought out the big gun — Joe Burrow.

Moore used one of his official visits to LSU this weekend and will take another to Oregon. Brian Kelly already had a relationship with Moore from his time with Notre Dame, so that’s another reason to take the Tigers a little more seriously.

And Burrow is the perfect guy to talk to Dante Moore about leaving the midwest for the SEC. He was from Nebraska and went to Ohio State before transferring to LSU.

That being said, are the Tigers the top threat to win this recruitment?

Who is the top contender for Dante Moore?

Despite the recent visit, I still view Michigan as the top threat to Notre Dame in the pursuit of Dante Moore.

The prediction machine is a great tool and it takes more into account than just expert predictions. Visits are a big thing but that’s also what makes it a little misleading for Moore.

He lives 30 minutes away from Ann Arbor. He’s been to campus a bunch of times and he was there a couple of months ago to watch a basketball game with a UM commit and coaches. But he hasn’t taken an official visit or anything which is hurting the Wolverines in the prediction machine, although they have moved from one percent up to two.

I have to believe Jim Harbaugh is going to be more active in this recruiting battle. LSU is likely third in my opinion and I think Miami is fourth followed by Oregon/Ohio State.

Ohio State hasn’t really prioritized Moore like it should but if the Buckeyes really make a strong push I think they could easily get into the top three. Moore also just visited Columbus (unofficially).

These next few months are going to be critical and the crystal ball projection of CJ Carr to Notre Dame adds even more intrigue because I don’t see the Irish or Michigan getting both Carr and Moore. It will be one or the other.

So even though the Irish are still considered the leader for Moore, that lead seems to be getting more tenuous.

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