Flux with Devils and Pack, while Heels running it back in hoops :: WRALSportsFan.com

Flux with Devils and Pack, while Heels running it back in hoops :: WRALSportsFan.com

Lauren Brownlow and Joe Ovies discuss the decisions by players at Duke and North Carolina, which sets up a very familiar situation at each school for their new coaches. Meanwhile, Kevin Keatts is adding keep players, but can they win?

Welcome to the ACC Panic room alongside Lauren Brownlow of job. It’s been a while since we’ve done this Brownlow. I think we’re all just waiting for some clarity as to what the basketball season around here was gonna look like. Uh And I guess the best way I can summon up is the more things change at Duke the same and the more things change in Carolina the same. We have a whole new Carolinas roster bringing everybody back. That’s what’s weird right is I think we all kinda thought with everything going going on the way it was that you know, Carolina would have more people leave than it usually does. Duke would probably see it’s same usual departure. But I think what’s interesting too is that we’re seeing players across the country. Not just that Carolina decided to stay in school. At a rate that I don’t think a lot of people were necessarily expecting. And I can’t help but wonder why. I mean I wonder why Duke who I think has done a good job of kind of taking advantage of some of this stuff. I wonder why couldn’t maybe convince a few more players to stick around. But I don’t know, maybe everything was so emotionally draining for those guys last year. I’m sure a lot of them are probably spending to move on. While you know, Carolina players wanting to wanting to do that one over again. No, I think um what you just referenced has a lot to do with what we’re seeing both in Chapel Hill and in Durham. If you’re Duke, you just have the coach k thing. You knew that John Schneider was giving the coach next year, you know, it was gonna be a one time thing. Anyway, shower’s got his guys coming in and on top of that based on what Kay had established. I never expected Trevor keels to come back. I never expected aj griffin to come back. We knew that Paolo Van Carroll wasn’t gonna come back. Mark Williams maybe is a little bit of a surprise, but I think you and I can agree that in March, he made some money based on his place. So again, that part didn’t surprise would have been less surprised than if Mark Williams. Yes, I’m with you on that. I’m with you on that. Whereas Carolina the opposite of emotional dream. The we were, they’re playing in the championship game, man. If we can just play how we played all throughout March, the rest of the season, who’s to say that we won’t be considered the number one team in the country next year. Who’s to say that, you know, more development for guys like puff johnson um this is Carolina getting to where they got to is giving UNC fans. And I guess even to me a certain extent, 2016 to 2017 vibes. I’m not saying the teams are equally talented, the circumstances weren’t, you know, weren’t a little bit different, but it’s just that you get to a championship game, you lose, you come back for some unfinished business. Here’s sort of the question that I would ask you though because I’m, I’m honestly trying to answer it myself. When is the last time Carolina came into a season and was thought of this way? What do you mean number one? Potentially this way people didn’t look at Carolina and say, yeah, they’re gonna be good. But like to say that, I mean we’re people even saying that before 2012, like, I don’t know, I feel like a lot of Carolina’s recent successful teams have kind of come into their own season has gone on. Well, the obvious answer into a season with the obvious answer to when Carolina went into a year as the obvious number one would be oh nine. That’s the only, that’s the last one I can remember. 0909 would be the obvious answer. I’m with you in 12 in that it was thought of. Yeah, I think, I think people came into that year thinking it was gonna be a good team. There’s clearly potential there, right? But I don’t think it was this overwhelming idea that they were going to be the number one, but also college basketball has changed a ton from where we were in oh nine, 12 to even to that 16, 17 team to where we are today in that you look across the country with all of the roster fluctuations through the transfer portal for Carolina to bring all these guys back. Um And you have an exciting player. Like Caleb love. You have a machine in Armando Bacot. Yeah it’s gonna be the team that people point to as the number one team in the country at least to win the ACC Going into next year. Um That’s not nothing for them in terms of their program. You know because I think that like while obviously you want to be in the conversation every year they usually have been they haven’t gone into a season with like juggernaut status necessarily. And that’s the part that’s going to be interesting. I never I never thought I’d be sitting here trying to make comparisons between NC State football and Carolina basketball. But both those squads are going into the year with very similar positions in that running it back. How many times have you seen running it back on the football side And now we’re seeing Carolina fans say the same thing we’re running it back. It’s one thing to go under the radar. It’s one thing to surprise people. You can have your own expectations right? You know like an NC State for football. I think it’s been about the unfinished business I think goes all the way back to 2020 bleeding into 2021 what they want to do this upcoming season. Um But I do think that with Carolina that’s gonna be hubert’s biggest obstacle is you’re no longer the house money team because how often do we see that term with Carolina this year? Oh, it’s house money. It doesn’t matter what happens. They’ve exceeded expectations. Oh man. You beat Duke ended case, you know, you beat him there at Cameron indoor stadium. What’s the big deal? Like? It’s house money the rest of the way. It’s not how it’s money this year. Now, a guy like Armando Bacot gets that because because he is the crossover player who understands the dynamic of look, when you’re Carolina, you that you have that expectation. How much does Caleb love get that leaky black clearly gets it. How much does RJ Davis get that though? And how is hubert gonna get through this team that it’s not a house money year for you? It’s an actual year with Carolina level expectations? Yeah, I think it’ll be interesting. Although, I mean, I know they got at least a taste of it in terms of like, yes, there was the house money aspect towards the end of the year, but at the same time they did have to deal with sort of the embarrassment for again for their standards of like the year to that point and they know they knew they had to learn and we’ll see how much this part of it carries over. But they had to learn that they were not good enough to just roll the basketball out there and be, especially in a dry opponent, but certainly even other teams like they just had to learn that they were not there and you know do they slip back into that mentality that’s plagued them at times over you know the first kind of two years that this group has been together. Who knows? But if they can avoid that. Yeah I think they’re gonna be really dangerous just like meanwhile over at NC State kevin Keats has made some moves on the coaching side of things um Including bringing on Levi Watkins that has paid off with with two transfer players that you know as Jillian who’s literally sitting right over. Probably not along. It’s like oh you’re not really taking a flyer on a guy. You actually you’re getting some guys who can score like Jack Clark and um why am I blanking on the other guy jar Hell joiner. Thank you joe. I think each guy averages anywhere between 12 to 13 points a game. They’re proving guys that are coming to NC State. I mean I still understand that there’s a lot of people who are out on Kevin Keats. However if we’re just judging it based on what he was tasked to do. Yeah. The transfer portal can work in your favor to there are some unknowns with shockwave. Ian Smith or Darien Sybron the deadline to enter early for the NBA draft of this past was this past weekend but they have until June 1 to figure out what they want to do. Yeah. I mean, you just never know. And I don’t want my only like sellers that I give state fans to be well, you know, law of average. I don’t, it’s gonna work out for you at some point or like it was so bad last year. How could it get worse? That’s not taking any worse. Right. That’s just saying like, yeah, it should be better. Like that’s not anything about, that’s not anything tangible. But I mean, we’ve, we’ve both talked about it. Obviously Kevin Keats wants to know what’s happening next year. He knows what the hell is. Um, either it works or it doesn’t and I don’t think you’re gonna be in this weird middle zone where you’re not sure. I think it’ll be pretty clear one way or the other. So just, I mean, I know you can’t do anything about it either way. You can be mad about it or or not because it’s not like I can blame anybody for being mad about it. I can’t, I can’t you that you feel is lame duck, which is why look in new Orleans, I didn’t just do stuff for the mojo related to Carolina and duke. Alright. When we were there for the final four. You know, I went into one of these with Aries to get some things, but I also picked up something for NC State to sing. I got this curse reverse candle. Alright. So we’ve got a curse reverse candle. I got some other things to Giulio recently picked up. I’ll be right back. Giulio picked up some bottles, some vintage bottles, um, championship, we’ve got an 81 Clemson Championship bottle and a 1983 Wolfpack championship basketball bottle. I believe. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna light this candle. We’re gonna have a little a little something around carter Findley PNC Arena. We’re going to for the Clemson out and then we’re going to bury this one too. And we’re gonna light the candles, some incense, some other things and I think it’ll be fine. No, I mean, listen, hey, what’s the worst that can happen? What’s, what’s the, what’s it gonna get worse for state? What’s the worst that could happen? What’s the worst that can happen when talking about invoking spirits and what, what could possibly go wrong? What are they gonna do? Not not have their opponent not participate in a bowl game be sent home from a college World series. What, what, what, what could happen? Why do you always ask what could happen? I’ve even stopped asking that. Fair point. That’s gonna wrap it up for this edition of the ACC Panic room. We’ll see you all next week when we have uh, some draft coverage to talk about, Kenny pickett will clearly be the panthers quarterback next week. We’ll see where Sam Park. Tell me, tell me I’m wrong. Tell me what, I think they’re like to take Willis than him or whatever. Yeah, he escaped picking is so gonna be the panthers uniform. I mean, David Tepper, David Tepper’s. If I see it as a, as a Pittsburgh guys, a pit booster, if we put a camera on me for that pick and charge money for it, what’s the most we could charge? And we said that we’re not going to censor my swears, I think I think we need to set up the only Brownlow account right now. Just for this only brown lows, that’s where we’re at with that. Alright, that’s gonna wrap it up for this edition of the sec banner group. We will see you all next week, but we will talk about the pit panthers at Bank of America Stadium.


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