Marta Kostyuk on 'cold reaction' from Russian players that left Ukrainians stunned

Marta Kostyuk on ‘cold reaction’ from Russian players that left Ukrainians stunned

Ukrainian tennis player Marta Kosytuk said Ukrainians used to be close with Russians and Belarusians on the tour and they were left shocked after getting completely ignored by Russian and Belarusian colleagues in Indian Wells.

On February 24, Russia launched their attacks on Ukraine. Per Kostyuk, Ukrainian tennis players didn’t want to publicly speak out against Russian and Belarusian players because they felt they were their friends. Once seeing their reaction in Indian Wells, Ukrainian tennis players realized Russian and Belarusians “were not their friends anymore.”

“We had a lot of friends among Russian tennis players. We spent time together on the tour. We saw each other all the time. Because we did not know their reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we were in solidarity with them.

We expected that in Indian Wells they would run up to us and say, ‘What a horror. We are all shocked. Maybe you need some help,'” Kostyuk told Tribuna.

Kostyuk: That was when he realized they probably supported Russia’s attacks

Kostyuk added: “But we came to Indian Wells, and they didn’t greet us, they didn’t come and talk on a private level.

I mean Russians and Belarusians, We were all shocked. It was a terrible feeling. Our first thought – they really do support it all, don’t they?”

Ukrainian tennis players have demanded the ATP and WTA to make Russian and Belarusian players make clear their position on the war before they are allowed to continue competing in international events.

Kostyuk and other Ukrainian tennis players feel the majority of Russian and Belarusian players support Russia’s attacks but they can’t reveal it publicly because they would be banned from competing. “There is a problem though: those players who really support the war won’t reveal their stance.

They understand that if they make their sincere opinion public, they will not stay on the tour. Because they support genocide,” Kostyuk explained.

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