Anne Keothavong opens on safeguarding measures in UK after Pam Shriver story

Anne Keothahong opens on safeguarding measures in UK after Pam Shriver story

British Billie Jean King Cup team captain Anne Keothavong thinks safeguarding has improved in Great Britain over the last decade. The tennis world was shocked by the story Pam Story told this week as the former American tennis star detailed an “inappropriate and damaging relationship I had with my much older coach.”

Shriver was 17 when her “inappropriate and damaging relationship” started with coach Don Candy. Candy, who died in 2020, was 50 at the time when the relationship started. Keothavong, a former British tennis player, is one of the most prominent figures in British tennis coaching as she now serves as the nation’s Billie Jean King Cup captain.

Keothahong: I think we have a pretty good safeguarding measures in the UK

“We agreed that, in terms of protocols in place, safeguarding is far better than what existed 10 years ago,” Keothavong told The Telegraph.

“But if someone is looking to commit something or act on a particular behavior, it can be difficult to stop them, regardless of protocols. And those are the bad eggs. “In terms of what is going on tour, and what the WTA are doing, I don’t know enough to comment.

But I do think that in the UK, in terms of safeguarding measures, we have improved. When you go into most tennis clubs there should be information and there is a line of support. Young people can call someone if they really feel that they need help with it “As I say, it’s an issue that hasn’t gone away, but I do feel like there is better awareness of how to protect people”.

Last week, Great Britain fell just short of beating the Czech Republic in a Billie Jean King Cup qualifying tie. The Czechs were the favorites as they were the hosts and playing on clay – a surface that suits much better their players – but Great Britain put up a great resistence.

Unfortunately for Great Britain, they fell just short as the Czechs claimed a 3-2 win to seal a Billie Jean King Cup Finals ticket.

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