Bill Self: NIL, Transfer Portal 'Out of Control Right Now'

Bill Self: NIL, Transfer Portal ‘Out of Control Right Now’

The advent of the transfer portal and opening of name, image and likeness (NIL) rules have forever changed college sports. Bill Self, coach of national champion Kansas men’s basketball, doesn’t believe the combination has worked in the sport’s best interest so far.

Self seems to agree that if coaches can jump ship on a whim, players should be able to do the same. But, he believes the idea that players can leave teams immediately to pursue more lucrative NIL deals elsewhere, or because they may not want to fight through adversity, is a bad result of the rule changes.

“I think it’s bad,” Self said Sunday, via Mark Berman of FOX 26. “In theory, it’s good—freedom of movement, all this stuff—in theory it’s good. I think sometimes it gives young people a way out without actually trying to fight through some things, but, in theory, coaches can move. In theory, kids should be able to move too, but it’s out of control right now where the reason they’re moving is because ‘I can get a bigger NIL deal somewhere else.’ I’m not sure the reason we’re moving are for the right reasons. I think they’re for reasons that sometimes wouldn’t be best for a useful life over time. Because I do think there’s something about us staying somewhere and fighting through some stuff.”


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