Could Michigan Basketball add multiple transfers?

Could Michigan Basketball add multiple transfers?

After the report of another visitor, Jaelin Llewellyn, from the transfer portal, could Michigan basketball make more than one addition?

It’s been a busy week for Michigan basketball. The Wolverines finally heard from Hunter Dickinson, Moussa Diabate, and Caleb Houstan, and their NBA draft status.

Dickinson is coming back while the two former five-star freshmen have decided to test the waters before making a final decision for next season.

Regardless of whether or not Houstan and Diabate are returning, it looks like the Wolverines will be adding to their roster from the transfer portal.

Terrence Shannon, the wing from Texas Tech was on campus last week and for a time, there was some reporting that suggested he would commit to Michigan basketball.

However, it still hasn’t happened. The return of Hunter Dickinson should help as he and Shannon seemed to have developed a friendship. The two even had dinner together while Shannon was in Ann Arbor.

Now, Michigan basketball will host another visitor this week in Princeton guard Jaelin Llewellyn. We have talked about Llewellyn before and it’s clear he would be a great fit. He’s got point guard ability and is a true combo guard plus he shoots 38 percent from 3-point range and averaged over 15 points a game. He’s also just 6-foot-2 and alone, he doesn’t address the need for a strong defender on the wing.

With Frankie Collins expected to start at point guard and the chance that Kobe Bufkin could develop into the starting two-guard, it would be a good idea to have a veteran like Llewellyn who could serve as the Eli Brooks of next year’s team (veteran guard ).

Can Michigan basketball take two transfers?

We still haven’t heard one way or another on Shannon. It’s never been easy for transfers to get into Michigan without losing credits. The players who tend to get through are freshmen and graduates. Llewellyn is a graduate and from Princeton so like Mike Smith, it shouldn’t be an issue.

There have been rumors about a possible transfer or two out of the program. But that hasn’t happened yet and the players have until May 1 to enter the portal and play next season without having to get a waiver.

There’s no doubt that Michigan could use more experience and shooting in the backcourt, as well as a top-notch defender on the wing. Shannon and Llewellyn would fill those needs perfectly.

But until someone enters the portal or unless both players are willing to wait on the decisions of Diabate and Houstan, it’s hard to see how Michigan can take both but it’s fascinating to watch.

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