The water has been shut off for non payment at 923 St. Andrews Boulevard in The Villages

Water shut off at home in The Villages used as golf cart repair shop

Water has been shut off at a home in The Villages used as a golf cart repair shop.

The home at 923 St. Andrews Blvd. was the subject of a hearing Tuesday morning before a special magistrate at Lady Lake Town Hall.

Paul Cubeta is living at the home of his deceased mother, Hazel Cubeta. He is “not a legal entity” to the property, according to testimony presented at the hearing. The Villages Utility Department has shut off the water for non-payment.

The water has been shut off for non payment at 923 St. Andrews Boulevard in The Villages
The water has been shut off for non-payment at 923 St. Andrews Blvd. in The Villages.

Cubeta has been operating an unlicensed golf cart repair shop at the home. Photographs presented as evidence showed golf cart parts strewn throughout the carport.

In addition, the property is a “known drug house.” When the town’s code enforcement officer recently paid a visit to the manufactured home on the Historic Side of The Villages, she was accompanied by six law enforcement officers.

The code enforcement officer asked Special Magistrate Joshua Bills to force Cubeta to vacate the property, citing the fact it is unhealthy to live there without running water.

However, Cubeta pleaded with the special magistrate, asking that he be allowed to remain there.

“I am on a fixed income. I will get it straightened out tomorrow,” Cubeta promised the special magistrate.

Paul Cubeta

Cubeta also vowed to give up the golf cart repair business he has been operating at the home.

Cubeta has been given until May 2 to get the water reconnected.

The property has been a problem for years. In 2019, the Village Center Community Development District Board of Supervisors agreed to forgive $500 fines at the home. In 2015, Cubeta was living in his mother’s home when he was arrested after pawning jewelry that belonged to a hospitalized Villager. He landed back behind bars when he later violated his probation in the case.

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