Introducing The Drive On Reflections Series |  LPGA

Introducing The Drive On Reflections Series | LPGA

This week, we are introducing a new dimension to our Drive On videos: reflections.

reflections began as an experiment for us. We know that fans and sponsors want to connect with athletes as people – to get to know them outside the ropes. And we know that our players have a lot to share. So we created a video set at one of our tournaments and asked players to answer some questions. There were no prepared remarks, no teleprompters. Just the players talking to the videographer.

Like everything unscripted, we didn’t know where these conversations would take us. They took us on each player’s unique journey to the LPGA Tour and why they fell in love with golf. They took us to deeply personal places, to dark days of struggles on and off the course and to the joy and satisfaction of their proudest moments. The players told us who they see when they look in the mirror, taking us into their families and into their hearts.

As we’ve learned from Drive On, sharing your story is an act of trust. Golf is what our players do, but it doesn’t define them. They are mothers, daughters, wives and sisters. They are interesting and complex and imperfect and driven. They have hopes and dreams, in life and in golf.

If you’re a fan of the LPGA Tour, you’re part of that dream. We hope you enjoy these reflections. Thank you for your support. And #DriveOn!

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